We imagined a place where every child will bloom to be a responsible and dynamic individual, a place that will be the source of power for social change in the future. We hoped to build an environment that recognises and nurtures the inherent talents in every child, transforming them to fountainheads of infinite possibilities. We aspired to design learning programmes that would amplify every child’s capabilities and celebrate their interests. Our ambition is now becoming a reality.

The Charter School is a dream that we have been striving hard to see come true. We are proud that we are creating one of the finest schools in the country, unique in its architecture and futuristic in its diverse curriculum.

Our deep-seated drive to ensure holistic growth of the young population resulted in the conceptualisation of the School’s most distinctive features, The Global Learning Centre and Sports Academy. A space formed to cater to the extra-academic intelligences, it offers students opportunities to be exposed to, practice and excel in a wide variety of sports, games, activities and art forms.

The school with its timeless architecture and state-of-the-art facilities is sure to lead the mantle of modern schooling in India. The huge landscaped area surrounding the school, open class room designs affording plenty of air and light are all features that make the environment conducive for learning.

We welcome you to join us in creating citizens of the future, who are ready to take on the challenges of life, who are keen to achieve honour through pursuing excellence!

Power of knowledge to you,

CA. Binoy J Kattadiyil, Managing Director

Adv. Rakhinth Subramanian, Exe. Director & CEO

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