Admissions Process at the Charter School

Admissions open for Pre KG to Grade 5 for the academic year starting June 2018.

A Registration form is the first requirement towards seeking admission. Forms can be obtained from the school office on any weekday between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm. Alternatively, the form is available Online from our school website ( The duly filled registration form needs to be submitted at the School office along with the documents-
(a) A copy of the birth certificate and
(b) Two passport sized colour photographs

Parents will be informed if the prospective student clears the age eligibility criteria for admissions.
Upon clearing, an Application form needs to be filled and submitted to the school office along with the required documents.
(a) Evidence of having completed the previous grade, if applicable
(b) Copy of student’s identity proof
(c) Copy of the identity proof of the parents

Please note that the Registration form is different from the Application form.

The Charter school firmly believes that personal interaction with the prospective student and parents /guardians is most critical. We meet with every parent who applies, to ensure that the school is a good fit for the child and the family. Once admission has been confirmed and your child has been offered a place at the school, the School fee needs to be paid within 3 to 5 working days. Failure to pay the fee on time may result in the seat being offered to another student.
Students seeking admission will have to meet the stipulated age requirement for admission at The Charter School. The required age limit is mentioned below.
Age criteria as on 31st May of year to be enrolled
Pre KG – 2.5 years
KG I – 3.5 years
KG II – 4.5 years
Grade I – 5.5.years
and so on.



Full Name*

Date of Birth*



Class to which admission is sought*

Present School (if applicable) :

Particular strenghts / interests of child :

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Address for correspondence

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Would your child require school transportation


  • When does the admissions process commence at The Charter School?
    • Admissions process start in September of the running year for the next academic session. Subject to availability of seats, students can apply for admissions any time during the academic year.
  • What is the age criteria for admissions?
    • Age criteria as on 31st May of year to be enrolled –
      Pre KG – 2.5 years
      KG I – 3.5 years
      KG II – 4.5 years
      Grade I – 5.5.years and so on.
  • How can I enquire about the school fee at Charter School?
    • The Admissions In charge will give details of the same when contacted via e-mail /over telephone /in person.
  • What is included in the school fee?
    • The school fee is inclusive of the tuition fee, all co curricular activities fee and cost of Course books and Note books.
  • What is a registration form and where can I collect it from?
    • Filling a registration form is the first requirement towards seeking admission. Registration forms for admission can be collected from the Admissions Department in the school and is also available online, on the school website . Duly filled forms along with the following supporting documents are to be submitted back to the School office.
      • Two recent passport sized colour photographs and
      • A copy of the birth certificate.
      Submitting the registration form does not guarantee admission to the school.
  • What is the Application form?
    • The Application form is the official document required to be submitted, if the applicant meets the eligibility criteria for admission. It will be provided by the School Admissions Department.
  • What are the documents that need to be submitted along with the Application form ?
    • Two recent passport sized colour photographs
      A copy of the child’s birth certificate
      A copy of the vaccination report of the child
      Evidence of having completed the previous grade (if applicable)
      Original Transfer Certificate from the previous school ( if applicable )
      Proof of residence
      A copy of the student’s identity proof
      A copy of parent’s identity proof
  • Is there a written test or interview for child?
    • There is no formal written test till Grade 2. However, we meet with every parent who applies, to ensure that the school is a good fit for the child and the family in terms of Philosophy and Curriculum. For students applying to Grade 3 and above, there will be an assessment conducted in the following subjects- English , Mathematics ,Hindi , and Malayalam- if applicable.
  • When is the last day for submission of the registration form?
    • The Charter School does not have any deadlines for student admissions. We have a rolling admissions policy, and we accept applications around the year as long as there are vacancies.
  • Will siblings get a priority for admissions?
    • Yes, The Charter School recognizes that most families want their children to attend the same school. Therefore, preference is given to a child who has one or more siblings at Charter School.
  • Are special needs students eligible for admissions?
    • Students with learning disabilities are eligible for admissions at The Charter School if found that they can be an integral part of the school and will benefit from the learning support provided at school. If required, Parents will need to furnish the assessment records of the applicant and meet the Learning Support Team for a detailed discussion. Admission will be at the sole discretion of the School Head.
  • Does the school provide transportation?
    • Yes, the  School  does provide transportation facilities to different parts of Cochin. Our buses are air conditioned and are enabled with speed governors. Every bus has a lady attendant.
  • What is the student – teacher ratio in each class?
    • Charter FirstSteps ie grades PreK, KG1, KG2 will have a maximum strength of 24 students with a teacher-student ratio of 1:12, thus ensuring personal attention to each child. Every class will have an Associate Teacher alongside the Homeroom Teacher for a full strength class. Grade I and above will have a maximum strength of  30 students per class.
  • What are the regular school timings and working hours?
    • Charter FirstSteps- 8.30 am to 12.30 pm. School timings for all other grades will be from 8.30 am to 3.15 pm. Monday to Friday.
  • What is the curriculum at The Charter School like?
    • The school primarily offers the CBSE program. In addition to that, the IGCSE ( Cambridge UK ) curriculum is  also being provided, in order to cater to the needs of students, based on the interests they would like to pursue in High School.
  • Apart from academics, what is the focus on co-curricular activities?
    • The Charter School emphasises on the concept of holistic wellness – physical, mental and emotional. Students acquire necessary traits of sportsmanship both on and off the field. They  learn values and life skills that would help to live life with confidence and understand and appreciate growth dynamics of the body and the mind.
  • How will my child be taken care of in case of an injury at school ?
    • The school has a full fledged infirmary and a full time nurse to cater to the medical needs of your child.
  • Does The Charter School provide boarding facilities?
    • Not at present. However, The Charter School plans to provide students with modern yet homely boarding facilities in the near future.

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