We believe in leveraging the power of technology to enhance interactions between the three key pillars of the learning environment – student, teacher and parent.

E -Learning

Technology to extend accessibility of learning; that is what E – learning enables us to do. Ustilising technology to access curriculum outside the traditional classroom, E -earning is another attempt to make education continuous and collaborative. Classrooms thus become initiation platforms for learning and then on electronic platforms provide scope specialization and extension of the learning experience. At The Charter School the scope of E – Learning is defined as learning that is also delivered via technology to somewhere other than the classroom. Effort is taken to ensure that the material is responsive and learning to good extent is interactive.

Safety & security

School safety is a vast topic that encompasses a lot of myriad issues. We at Charter use an optimum mix of manned and unmanned solutions to ensure very effective but non-invasive systems for the safety and security of our students. The closely monitored and manned surveillance,  visitor management, fire systems, alarms, mass notifications, form an integral system that enables safety and security practices. The layout of the school is so planned that our intensive effort to ensure the child’s safety would be completely non intrusive. The system is defined keeping in mind the students need to have an assurance that none of this effort will hassle the pace of his/her  day at School.

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