Charter Middle School

Grade 5-8

The Charter Middle School is committed to provide the best possible transition from

elementary to next level schooling for your child. The Curriculum emphasizes academic achievement and includes considerable emotional and learning support to help students adjust to rigorous academic challenges. Education at Charter Middle School integrates a variety of instructional models, so that students are able to make the right choices in higher grades based on academic capabilities, interests, needs and goals.


Our curriculum is designed to maximize the academic success and personal growth of every

student across the five domains – academic, personal, interpersonal, social and perceptive. The curriculum content meets the prescribed standards of CBSE; delivering transformational knowledge, skills and understanding. Students have the opportunity to improve their skills for analyzing information, posing problems, seeking solutions, persevering and collaborating; in order to take responsibility for their own learning, to reach their academic potential. There are opportunities within and beyond the school day for students to have increased instructional time for intervention, support and enrichment.

Areas of Curriculum

English Literacy is the ability to think critically and creatively through reading, comprehending,

writing, speaking, and listening . Students practice applying their English language skills in a variety of functions like vocabulary and grammatical structuring through literary experiences such as discussing text, asking relevant questions, script writing, constructing logical arguments and explanations. Depending on the content of the class, students have consistent opportunities to develop these skills specifically.

Mathematics The goal of The Charter School Mathematics program is to help achieve mathematical

proficiency through mastery of technique, concepts, and processes. The end result is the ability to think and reason mathematically and to trigger an interest to explore the world of mathematics. The Charter School envisages a friendly style of teaching that encourages classes to engage in student-led discussions to find solutions to problems. Role of the teacher is to orchestrate the activities that lead to learning. Adapted from the best practices across the world, opportunities are provided to every child to improve their level of mathematical understanding through activities in our well-equipped Mathematics lab. The “spiral” curriculum is a comprehensive programme ensuring continual revision and progression through achievable and logical steps. The Middle School Mathematics curriculum is organized broadly into the following strands: Number System, Algebra, Ratio and Proportions, Geometry, Mensuration and Data Handling.

Science The Charter School Science Program allows students to build conceptual understanding and

assimilation skills for learning science. At each grade level, concepts in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics are juxtaposed to show students the relationships between the Sciences. Inquiry and laboratory investigations are an integral part of the program. Problem solving and online investigations are used continually to allow students to reinforce science concepts. Differentiated instruction allows all students a challenging and engaging access to Science.

Social Sciences The Social Sciences program in Middle School builds chronological and thematic

understanding of history, while also developing interest in the strands of geography, economics, political systems, and culture. A mix of modern concepts in humanities and the lessons of history provide the necessary platform to prepare students for high school instruction.

Additional Languages Middle School Students learn Hindi as a second language and Malayalam as a third language.

Students also have an option of learning  Foreign Languages . At present we offer French.

Physical and Health Education The Middle School Physical Education Program focuses on fitness, motor skills and physical

growth. Each physical education unit challenges students to understand the fundamentals of efficient rhythm in physical activity. Students participate in games and activities that promote fitness, develop technique and build social skills.

Students will have the opportunity to learn music and dance from varied cultures.

Students have the facility to explore various genres of music and dance through guided interaction. The Charter Theatre Curriculum helps children to learn concepts and skills related to all aspects of theatrical presentation. Through study and performances, they develop the essential physical and conceptual skills.

Art and Design Middle School Art introduces students to different art materials, creative processes, and

vocabulary. Creativity, critical thinking, and communication are strengthened . Students review fundamental skills needed for design, drawing, painting  and sculpture. Art is  an interdisciplinary program at Charter.

Social and Community Service The Social and Community Service program is a crucial component of The Charter School

Curriculum. Our Community service programs are effectively planned and structured. Making the young people aware of existing social disparities and giving them the opportunities to closely involve in social projects instills a sense of responsibility.

Digital Literacy Technology is used across the curriculum in all subject areas. Students have opportunities to

apply digital knowledge to find, evaluate, compile and use information.

Personal and Emotional Development Program provide support and understanding to children

during the period of mental and emotional growth. Activities are designed to facilitate the development of various domains of mind and personality such as intellectual development, emotional development, social development, moral development and aesthetic development.

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